a writer at Global Citizen.

Interested in...

human rights, children's rights, and international development.

cute animals, spicy food, and chocolate.

My Story

I'm a critical thinker and a strong writer with a multi-cultural perspective, creative background, and a passion for protecting human rights. 

I was born and raised in Singapore and lived there until I left for Vassar College, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts with a double major in music and psychology in 2013. I earned my Masters of International Affairs at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs, with a degree concentration in human rights and humanitarian policy and a specialization in technology, media, and communications in 2017.

Through diverse experiences in private and public sectors, I have honed my problem-solving skills. My forays into public relations, museum work, and non-profits have taught me to use my creative and critical thinking skills to efficiently and effectively find solutions.

My experiences in the field of human rights have ranged from education to the prevention of violence against children, from counter-terrorism to honor-based violence.

I've learned that I work best when focused on solving problems and achieving goals - and there is no greater goal than the provision and protection of human rights for all.

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